Watering Can Medium With Air Plants & Succulent

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Air Plants and Succulent in Medium Watering Can.

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  • Air Plants and Succulent arranged in Medium Watering Can.
  • Arrangement overall measures at 9″ x 4.5″x 12″.
  • Mist lightly with water once a week.

Plants Care - Air Plants, Succulents, & Cactus


  • Air Plants (Tillandsia) are in the Bromeliad family.
  • They require good air circulation and minimal care.
  • Provide bright, filtered light.
  • Mist lightly with water once a week.


  • Succulents are plants with thick leaves to retain water and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. They are low maintenance and easy to grow.
  • Cactus require some caution when handling, but these super low maintenance plants can thrive indoors with bright sun, little water, and proper drainage.
  • Water your Succulents and Cactus about once per week during the growing season (Spring and Summer). Only water the soil when it is completely dry. Stick your finger into the soil to check. If the soil is dry and crumbly, it’s time to water. Add enough water to soak the soil. Do not over water. Signs of over watering include rotting and brown or black leaves.
  • Depending on the type of plant, soil, and sunlight you may need to water more or less than once per week.