Miniature Azalea Bonsai Seed Kit

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Complete Kit to Grow your own Miniature Azalea Bonsai Tree from seed!

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Complete kit to grow your own Miniature Azalea Bonsai Tree from seed! Our Bonsai Seed Kits are perfect for children or any individual who wants to get their hands dirty, learn the hobby of Bonsai, and experience the growing of trees from seed. The seeds in our Miniature Azalea Bonsai Seed Kit will germinate and continue to grow for many years and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Our seeds are guaranteed to sprout or we will send replacement seeds at no charge!

Miniature Azalea (Azalea schlippenbachi) :: Azalea Bonsai produce beautiful pink flowers with a single flower at the end of each branch. Azaleas should be kept outdoors, but they should be sheltered from direct sunlight and strong wind. Azaleas can be shaped into just about any Bonsai style. Pruning Azalea Bonsai should be done just after flowering. Remove any dead flowers and clip the branches according to your imagination.


  • Kit includes Miniature Azalea Bonsai Seeds (enough seeds for several starter plants)
  • Size, shape, and color of Ceramic Container may vary
  • Gift Box measures 3″x3″x3″
  • Bonsai Soil Mix for planting the seeds
  • Pebbles for planting and decoration
  • Bonsai Care & Instruction Booklet
  • Bonsai Seed Kit Germination Instructions

Planting Instructions

Planting Instructions For Bonsai Seeds

  1. Open your kit and remove all components.
  2. Place the brown soil disk in a 1/8 cup of water. After the water has been absorbed, fluff up the growing medium.
  3. Place a thin layer of pebbles in the bottom of your ceramic bonsai container to allow for good drainage.
  4. Fill the container with the growing medium leaving about 1/8 inch from the top.
  5. Scatter all the bonsai seeds on top and sprinkle a small amount of the growing medium to lightly cover them.
  6. Water until moist and water drips from the hole in the bottom.
  7. Place in a warm and very sunny location near a window or outside where it gets good sunlight. For best results, place a clear plastic bag over the top of the container to create a greenhouse effect of heat and moisture. Leave bag open on bottom of the seeds to breathe.
  8. Keep moist at all times by misting daily. Never allow to dry out or sit in water.
  9. In just a few weeks you should start to see growth in your seeds.
  10. After about 8 weeks you should have several starter plants. When the starter trees are about 3-4 inches in size, gently pull up all the trees except for one. Keep the one tree in this container to grow and replant the other trees into new containers to make bonsai.

Click here to download the PDF: Planting Instructions for Bonsai Seeds