Heart Lucky Bamboo in Round Clear Glass Vase


Heart Lucky Bamboo in Round Clear Glass Vase

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Heart Lucky Bamboo in Round Clear Glass Vase

  • 1 Heart Lucky Bamboo Stalk
  • Clear Glass Vase is 4 inches tall
  • Overall height of arrangement is approximately 12 inches
  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement arrives completely assembled
  • Stalk is planted in pebbles
  • Perfect indoor plant – just add water
  • Lucky Bamboo plants are believed to bring Health, Happiness, Love, and Wealth

Plant Care - Lucky Bamboo


  • Lucky Bamboo plants can be kept in low-light environments and will always grow indoors for years with little or no care—only requiring enough fresh water to keep its roots covered.
  • Lucky Bamboo loves low to moderate light. Keep inside away from direct sunlight.
  • This is one of the few indoor houseplants that will thrive in low-light conditions.
  • Some leaf yellowing is a natural occurrence. Should a leaf turn yellow, remove by pulling it off.
  • Excessive heat or cold will cause damage to your Lucky Bamboo plants. Keep away from temperatures below 45 and above 90 degrees F.
  • Every two weeks spray the plants with water to keep them free of dust and insects.


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